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Never Leave Without the Listing
Simple Steps & Strategies for Winning Every Listing Presentations
By Gay Jones, Regional Director ProspectsPLUS!

Winning in today’s real estate arena takes more than just sales savvy.  To compete you need innovation, unique style and consistency.  In a market which statistically shows 31% of Sellers call two or more agents before listing their homes, losing even one listing a year can add up!  That said; let’s share some strategies that will ensure you always walk away with the listing!  With a little time and effort you can master techniques that will enhance your career with bankable results!

Recent polls tell us there are 1.2 million real estate professionals in the United States alone.  With that kind of competition for listings, spotlighting your individuality, uniqueness and ability to show you are the best person for the job has never been more vital.  Professionalism and integrity are key, no more so though, than knowing your target audience. 

Step One:  Raise the obligation level for the Sellers.  Relating to the mindset of your prospective sellers is critical.  What are they thinking?  Traditionally, their concerns are specific and few.  How can they get the most money for their home in the shortest possible time, with the most favorable terms?  Addressing these questions and showing up prepared to prove you have both the answers and viable solutions to whatever market conditions may arise will win you favor, and more importantly, the listing!

Preparation Meets Opportunity!  Making a “WOW” first impression is crucial, so preparation is everything.  Be sure to bring the following to every listing presentation. 

  1. A step-by-step brochure showing sellers how to stage their home for a quick sale
  2. A personal brochure highlighting your experience, ability and client care
  3. Marketing pieces printed with the seller’s name, address and home photo already on them. Include a property flyer, property brochure and always a Just Listed postcard and a Just Sold postcard.  For added punch, add a stamp to each which tells your prospects you are ready to start today!   Do your homework ahead of time, and snap some pictures of the home to drop into these important collateral materials!
  4. A detailed CMA
  5. Go data mining with a program such as MarketShare Online to print a list of prospective buyers
  6. A Step-by-step guide to the listing process
  7. A Commission Objection Handling brochure
  8. Your Personal Listing guarantee

StepTwo:  Dazzle them with Dialogue!  Remember the key to effective dialogue is to practice, practice and more practice!  While it will seem strange at first, it won’t be long before you are a natural, with the words flowing effortlessly at the right time.

“Mr. & Mrs. Seller I’ve already prepared some of your marketing materials to help expedite the sale of your home.  I will be sending these Just Listed postcards to the 100 closest homes in your neighborhood and as soon as we sell the property we’ll send the Just Sold postcards as well.”  Be sure there is a stamp on the postcards, and assure them you are ready, willing and able to get started.  This creates seller obligation and shows your confidence in a quick and successful sale. 

Step Three:  Take your prospects on a walk through your listing package, spotlighting all of the valuable services you will be providing.  This step is very important in raising their awareness of the full range of marketing skills, tools and techniques you will implement to help them reach their goal of selling their home in the shortest time, for the best possible price and terms.  Showing them how and why you are worth every penny of your commission and more reassures them you will protect their best interests.  Go the extra step and show that you care for their needs and concerns both now and in the future and you will win more than the listing, you will make a friend.

Intent is everything.  The smart professional with an eye for longevity understands and maintains a motto of Service with Integrity.  NAR statistics remind us that one out of every 227 people in the United States holds a Real Estate License, making competition strong and seller options unlimited. A wise Og Mandino once captioned exceptional advice.  “Never do what’s expected of you, always do more.”  We are in the people business.  Providing your best service, intent, promise and purpose will ground you in the fundamentals.  Couple this with ingenuity, market savvy, and a uniqueness that sets you apart and you have the secrets of success.  Master them, and never leave without the listing again!

Gay Jones, National Real Estate Speaker and Regional Director for ProspectsPLUS!  has educated, entertained and motivated thousands of audiences.   She has helped associates across the United States and Canada realize their full potential utilizing the tools and techniques she provides in her unique workshops and seminars.  To invite Gay to teach your associates how to play at the next level, or sharpen your company’s competitive edge, contact her today at 1.866.999.MLSM (6576).

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